J Mart's Goals and Objectives:

  • Attract a diverse customer base such as: ethnic Japanese,
    those who lived in Japan, those who visited Japan and those
    interested in adding Japanese food to their daily consumption

  • Provide a fun and satisfying shopping experience where
    Japanese and English are spoken

  • J Mart is committed to high standards of cleanliness,
    courtesy and customer service while providing unique
    products at reasonable prices
People are moving beyond the old sushi stereotype and are appreciating how to enjoy
Japanese food through fusion and authentic dishes.
Bonsai display and clinic by Randy McKinney.

Randy put on a great display.  He gladly
explained the process and maintenance of
his bonsai artistry.  His historical knowledge
of bonsai was very inspiring and generated
lots of interest from J Mart's customers.  
Contact Randy at Wired Plants for your
Bonsai and Landscaping needs.  
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Monday - Sunday 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Telephone (757) 201-3520 FAX (757) 201-3521
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Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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Our customers say:
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"We love J Mart
and it's fun to
shop here!"
"You shop at a
store like J Mart
because it's the
real deal."
J Mart
Japanese Grocery
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Are sushi restaurants getting a bit pricey?
Do what many others are doing and learn how to make your own!

Click here for recipe ideas to get started.

J Mart carries all the basics to create your own sushi and
Japanese dishes.

It's fun to learn how it all comes together.
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