J Mart's most important strength and competency is its Japanese
owner.  She brings natural credibility and first hand knowledge of
Japanese food items and proper preparation.

Novice customers have a reliable source of information for
selecting ingredients and beverages.
Considering the trend towards healthy, low-fat cooking in North
American society, Japanese food is known as low-fat healthy
Mackerel Filets
Sanma (Saury)
Sushi Grade
Bluefin Tuna
Ikura (Roe)
Frozen Seafood
Hamachi (Yellowtail)
High Quality
Sea Urchin
and more...
Horse Mackerel
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High Quality Japanese Items
Also, thin sliced Beef & Pork
Great for Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki

Arabiki Sausage
Fish Sausage
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Furikake, Geso, Ginger, Goma Dressing, Green Tea, Green Tea Ice Cream, Gyoza, Hayashi Rice, Hello Kitty, Hon Dashi, Inari, Juice,
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