Sake Meter Value

The Sake Meter Value (S.M.V.) measures the density of Sake relative to water, and acts as a barometer for gauging the dryness or sweetness of the Sake. The higher the number, the drier the sake and the lower the number the sake is sweeter.

The median value of S.M.V. is 3. However, even different brands with the same S.M.V. may be perceived as being drier or sweeter.

-5 Sweet
-3 Semi Sweet
-1 Slightly sweet
+1 Slightly dry
+3 Semi Dry
+5 Dry

Some may think that the value of the sake has a great deal of variance from Sake to Sake tasted, when in fact, it does not. The variation may be due to the sugar or the level of acidity. The Sake meter value is only intended as a reference number to give you a rough idea of how dry or sweet the sake is likely to be.