We carry Sushi/Sashimi grade fish.

As of now we have:

Yellowfin Tuna from Indonesia.

Albacore Tuna(seared.) from Japan.

Yellowtail Hamachi from Japan. (farm raised)

Salmon from Chile. (farm raised)

Shime Saba (Pickled Mackerel) from Japan.

Sea Urchin (Uni) from Maine (Depending on the stock with the distributor, we carry this item usually end of the month. Limited quantity!!).

We do carry imitated crab meat, shrimp tempera, sushi vinegar, seaweed sheets and
bamboo mats.

For an easy potluck dish, we recommend Nagatanien gomoku sushi mix. (all directions are in English)

For vegans, we carry inari bean curd and seasoned shitake mushrooms.

Our attendant will show you. 🙂